The Aspect Construction Team

Jocelyn Arbour, who along with Richard Lafrance, is the founder of Aspect Construction, has always been passionate about construction and renovation. His experience started with the acquisition of numerous depanneurs and the construction of depanneurs/gaz stations.

Managing projects has no secrets for him, having studied in business administration and with his many years of experience in managing employees, inventory and tending the books.

With all those years of experience in the field to a residential, commerical and industrial clientele, Jocelyn is an ideal partner for all your building projects.


Richard Lafrance, co-founder of Aspect Construction, shares Jocelyn’s passion for construction and renovation. They have been partner well before the beginning of their common adventure in Aspect Construction by buying more than 10 depanners Marché Champêtre during the 90s.

Richard has been working with Jocelyn managing projects in Aspect Construction for the past 30 years. His technical background in machinery and numerical control completes Jocelyn’s expertise on construction sites everywhere.